become self-reliant

We realize that not everyone has the budget for an in-house, full marketing team. That’s why we want to give your organization the tools to execute the concepts we can explain to you. We offer training for a handful of our services, including social media concepts, WordPress management, content creation, paid advertising, and e-commerce management. Our goal at Black River is to take your business to the next level, but it’s just as important to us to make sure you have the tools to continue what we started.

Giving You the Power

The approach we take to our training workshops is slightly altered depending on the needs of the company. Factors that we take into consideration are the experience of the individual(s) that are participating in the workshop, the service(s) that will be discussed, and the depth of knowledge that is required for those services.

For instance, during our social media workshop, we believe that anyone who manages a page for their business should be moderately knowledgeable in being able to track basic insights, schedule posts, moderate strategy, and use basic data to make decisions that will ultimately help to grow their presence online.

Book a Workshop For Your Team

For small to medium-sized businesses, we can develop custom workshops that will help your team improve their digital practices, without the immediate need for an agency or in-house team. Though nothing can replace having a dedicated agency or in-house team, this is a cost-effective way that can satisfy the needs of your company until it’s time to evaluate other options. If you have any questions about our training options, or if you’re interested in pursuing a category of training not listed here, please visit our contact page and reach out to us for more information.