Photography & videography


The best way to explain how important photos and videos are to a brand is to recognize its aspirational influence. This is how customers are going to visualize how they will use your product, or what it’ll be like to use it. Photos and videos convey information much faster than just text; they have the potential to be personal, emotional pieces of art that convey your message effectively. Photos and videos fuel your social media content, web content, and other campaigns, too.

Planning & Storyboarding

So what exactly is the goal? Where are we going to shoot? How long does the video have to be? Where is the content going to be shown? These are just a few questions that a photographer or videographer has to answer before they set out to shoot. Our photographers and videographers can work with our digital marketing team to consider additional factors and ensure that the content captured will work efficiently with other services we may be assisting with, like social media, e-commerce, and more.


Capturing is certainly the fun part in our opinion, and it might be the most straightforward, too – especially when a robust plan has been outlined. We have the technology and accessories that are required for successful shoots, and we have access to niche items like drones that are available upon request. If you need something specific for your shoot, let us know and we can do it!

Post-Processing & Editing

After the shoot is completed, there are some questions that will come up during the first time the media is reviewed. What pictures are “keepers”? Does the white balance need to be adjusted? What about the exposure, vibrance or saturation? Because it’s common for us to shoot in RAW, we have a lot of options at our disposal when it comes to touch-ups and alterations.

Similar questions are asked in post-production for video, in addition to several others. Things that need to be considered include audio level, video effects, animations, transitions, trimming and timing of the video, and soundtrack. Video isn’t easy, but the hard work pays off.