Social Media

We understand that social media can get complicated fast. We also understand that every company has different needs. We can help you create a variety of services, including a brand new and complete social media plan, social media ads, or even assist with a few individual posts. We work with short and long-term strategies that will be implemented for your organization, and everything in-between.



Creating, publishing, and distributing content is essential for content marketing. This level of strategic marketing aims at increasing engagement to expand the customer base and in some cases generate sales. We can assist you in any part of the process, from pitching fresh content ideas to controlling a content plan over several months. Content is king, after all.



PPC campaigns are the most efficient and precise way to target your customers and an effective way to learn more about them in the process. We drive results by completing thorough research on keywords and campaign structure, implementing the findings effectively, and managing budgets and strategy along the way. We specialize in Google, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns. MORE


We employ the best and most current practices to aid clients’ placement on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Because Google updates its requirements daily, being up-to-date regarding their search engine algorithm proves to be a job in itself. We can drive organic traffic to your site using the latest information, and track the performance along the way.


Website Design & Development

Whether you’re looking to analyze and update an existing site or develop and optimize a new one, we’ll help you the entire way. At Black River, we understand the importance of websites for any business and strive to provide the best possible site for any client. We specialize in WordPress, though we offer custom solutions and support other platforms such as Wix and Squarespace.



Creating a Commerce geared website and campaign to reflect Brick and Mortar needs, or creating E-Commerce platforms and websites, both require tracking and an entirely different approach. Both E-Commerce and Commerce have a lot in common, retargeting traffic, brand awareness, and general marketing are required to drive quality traffic whether you’re in-store or strictly online. Showcasing your product in the best way possible is essential.



Training is a great way to teach members of your organization new skills and give your organization more value. Black River provides one-on-one training sessions as well as group sessions to better equip your business. For example, we can show you how to make edits to your site, schedule social media posts, or even manage your online ad campaign.



A photo or video is the most likely initial touchpoint for a product, service, or company. Making sure you have well-curated, high-quality media for your brand is so critical, and something that too many companies overlook. With many businesses simply using their smartphones for their imagery, grabbing people’s attention with professional-grade work will help you break through the white noise.



The result of graphic design is more than just a logo, billboard, or social post. It’s a combination of words and images to effectively convey information and connect with an audience. Ideas, questions, statistics, news, and more can be presented in a much more effective and visual way. There are endless possibilities, and we can help with all of them.



The foundation for any successful business, beautiful and effective branding is how your customers recognize you and your products and services. It’s also a key component of how a company can attract new customers. Creating and maintaining a strong and positive perception of your business is paramount to success, and we are happy to help with any aspect of your branding.



Looking for something that isn’t listed? As a full-service marketing company, we likely have what you’re looking for. Reach out to us today, we would be happy to learn more about your company and your goals!