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Of the three cities, Kitchener is certainly the biggest working city and has the most significant industrial presence. The downtown presence has a big city vibe that is different from the other two, and foot traffic is higher, as well. These are important examples to factor into your marketing.

Are you a B2B business in the industrial sector? If so, you can get incredibly technical and granular with your online ads to ensure you are targeting those who are searching for a company like yours. There are numerous tested ways to ensure these targeting methods to perform optimally. Targeting Kitchener versus the entire tri-city area would save you a bit of money, for example. Perhaps you are a restaurant in downtown Kitchener, and you’re trying to drive more people to your location. Considering the competitors that are nearby, the proximity to piggyback local events like junior hockey games, and the commuting nature of downtown, there are several ways we can tailor your marketing to appeal to the right groups of people to give your initiatives the best chance to succeed while saving time and money in the process.

The combination of local knowledge with the latest in marketing trends and best practice will give you the best chance to get ahead in Kitchener.


If you’re familiar with the area, you’ll know that Waterloo is oriented towards the university crowd. According to a 2017 study by the municipality, there are 69,160 post-secondary students enrolled in full-time programs of Conestoga College, the University of Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University. With over 56,200 residing in the Waterloo Region, and almost 12,960 students commuting to school from outside of the area, there are clearly a lot of opportunities to be had. When it comes to your approach to marketing in Waterloo, taking this into consideration could make a major difference. You would not attempt to sell a product to a university student as you would someone who is retired. They may both need the product but there are fundamental differences in delivery and intention that need to be considered to make the funnel experience better for everyone involved. Additionally, this is one of the most distinct differences versus Cambridge or Kitchener.

Waterloo is also known for its robust tech sector. Companies like BlackBerry, OpenText, D2L, Honeywell, Shopify, Vidyard, and dozens more call Waterloo home. It’s important to take into consideration that with so many technologically capable people in the area, digital marketing is becoming more competitive. Competition is healthy, without competitors, there are hardly any learning experiences. Dealing with these learning experiences early on can ease the time it would take to break into a new market (if you intend to expand). Terms like search engine optimization are common in the tech sector, so you’ll need the right tools to compete.

In summary, a highly competitive market requires the latest knowledge in digital marketing funnels and local knowledge.


When thinking about the tri-cities, Cambridge is usually the last to get mentioned. This is completely unfair when you take a step back and look at everything that makes Cambridge great. Cambridge is full of beautiful scenery and historical significance. Of the three, it is the smallest and quietest.

One of the largest qualities this city has to off would be its workforce. Cambridge is home to over 10,000 business establishments employing thousands. The top five employers in the area; Toyota, Aecon, Challenger Motor Freight, Loblaw, Honeywell employ over 14,500 people (4.9% of the available labor pool). Establishing a concrete understanding of the B2B & B2C environment is a crucial step in developing a proper marketing approach for your business.

Employment is only one of the many benefits Cambridge has to offer they also have a very historic story. The history of Cambridge, Ontario allows different opportunities to connect with your potential audience to showcase your commitment to Cambridge. A little back story, Cambridge became an amalgamation of the towns Galt, Preston, Hespeler, and the settlement of Blair. Very interestingly Galt served as the building blocks for “Berlin” later renamed “Kitchener”. A lot of these values still show today, and Galt had an incredible imprint on Kitchener’s foundation. Galt was primarily an agricultural community serving most in the countryside and then in 1830 Galt made a pivot towards industrial work. Galt grew to become the most important town in the area until the beginning of the 20th century when “Berlin”/”Kitchener” took over. Galt was eventually transferred back under the “Cambridge Umbrella”.

All things considered, understanding the rich history and the local B2B/B2C environment truly allow us to provide you with the best insights for your work.