our most common inquiries

Black River strives to be the most transparent agency available. We don’t believe in packages, and we charge competitive rates while offering a level of quality that is among the very best. Helping your business develop and see real growth is always our goal. We also understand that all campaigns come to an end, so we do our best to educate you during the process so you can transition easily, and continue the rate of growth that we started for you. Handing back the keys shouldn’t be costly or scary; we are here to challenge the model of traditional agencies.

The simple answer is cost and return. For example, hiring a marketing department of three can cost upwards of $270,000/year for a smaller return than an agency model. It can be more cost-effective to hire an agency when needed, versus having a team on-staff all year. We always do our best to offer competitive pricing, too. In short, you will likely save thousands year over year by choosing a firm over an in-house team, and get a more complete product in the end.

Black River was created as a result of 15+ years of experience and a desire to change the industry. We have demonstrated a consistent rate of success across multiple industries such as: Automotive, Craft Beer, Professional Sports, Real Estate, and more.

A retainer is used in situations that require a lot of our services, in projects where needs are constantly changing, or if long-term services/maintenance is required. This is different from our flat rate charge, which is meant for projects that have specific goals in mind and do not extend long term. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly retainer schedules are available, and rates are always tailored to the customer.

Black River proudly serves Southwestern Ontario, with clients in Sarnia, London, and Kitchener-Waterloo. Despite being located in Sarnia, ON, we offer our services Canada-wide.

We understand meeting in person isn’t always possible, so we are happy to accommodate virtual meetings.

We understand privacy is of the utmost concern. At Black River, we pride ourselves on keeping every aspect of clients’ information as secure as possible. A few examples of our security measures:

  • Any client information stored locally uses end to end encryption
  • All internal login info uses two-factor authentication (Social, WordPress, Google, etc.) or any additional security measure that is available
  • Domains setup with SSL encryption
  • VPN is used when dealing with sensitive information
  • All devices used at Black River are fully encrypted

If you have any questions regarding security services, feel free to reach out here.